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1855 Revolving Cylinder Rifle
1855 Revolving Cylinder Rifle
Item# FD1188
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Product Description

The revolving cylinder rifle was a cap-and-ball repeating rifle based on the system used so sucessfully for their pistols of the period.

This military rifle was not produced in great numbers (about 9,000 pieces between 1856 and 1864) but it saw service in the Civil War and in the Indian Wars that followed.

The gun was produced in .44 and .56 calibers and the revolving cylinder would hold 6 cartridges for the .44 caliber model and 5 shots in the case of the .56 model.

This non-firing version clearly demonstrates the revolving cylinder system.


Rifle Bullet
These Rifle bullet replicas are solid metal castings and are made to fit the Denix Rifles.

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